Painshill Park

A nearly restored 18Th Century landscape park

  • One of Europes finest 18th century landscape Parks
  • Restoration almost complete, due for completion in 2007
  • Acclaimed Vineyards


Painshill Park hosts a variety of events throughout the calendar. See website for details.

Painshill Park is one of the 18th centurys great landscape parks. Here history, art, and landscape design come together spectacularly to offer visitors of all ages an enlightening, breath-taking and tranquil day out.

Located near Cobham, Surrey, Painshill Park was the vision of the Hon Charles Hamilton, a young nobleman who returned from his Grand Tour of Europe inspired by all the art and architecture he had seen. Between 1738 and 1773 he enthusiastically set about transforming a strip of land near the River Mole into a pleasure garden around which visitors could walk and be presented with a series of living pictures.

Following a restoration, Painshill Park is once again what Charles Hamilton wanted it to be: a series of landscapes that enrich and delight all who visit it.

Years of painstaking research into the original tree and shrub plantings and faithful reconstruction have brought back Hamiltons living pictures and rescued one of Europes finest 18th century landscape Parks from years of obscurity and neglect.

So come to Painshill Park to walk and relax, to marvel and to contemplate. Its the perfect place to spend the day with its walking trails, varied program of events, picnic area, licensed tearoom and gift shop.