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To send us your video review please upload it to YouTube and then send us the address of the YouTube page for your review, it will be similar to this

Alternatively if you prefer to send us the video file we can upload it to YouTube for you.

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Thought to be Britain’s oldest continuously inhabited house

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Tips for reviewing

For some inspiration see the testimonials or video reviews already sent to us.

Good to include

Here are some ideas to help you focus on information that may be most helpful to a fellow traveller:

  • Was the location, layout, facilities description accurate?
  • Clean and well-maintained?
  • Good customer service?
  • Would you recommend this property?
  • Noteworthy activities, attractions or restaurants?

Don’t include

To keep personal information out of the review and as general good practice please do not include:

  • A fake email address.
  • Last names of anyone, even a nickname that contains your last name.
  • Email addresses (except in the place we ask for it).
  • Phone numbers or street addresses.
  • Rental rates.
  • Content from a reviewer who did not stay at the property.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

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After a relaxing walk through our gardens what better way to unwind than in our beautifully appointed bedrooms. More »


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Our extensive gardens set in our magical victorian grounds are fully maintained and offer the perfect escape from the stresses of day to day life. More »

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