Tread in the footsteps of William Morris

William MorrisA dwelling for nearly 1,000 years, it is no surprise to learn that more than one notable historic figure has visited Great Tangley Manor.

William Morris and Great Tangley Manor

One small touch of history for Great Tangley Manor was when it was visited by William Morris.

In The Collected Letters of William Morris, Volume II, Part A: 1881-1884, Volume 2 Morris writes

I duly went to dine at the Flowers

referring to Wickham Flower, whose country house was Great Tangley Manor.

Wickham Flower

Wickham Flower was a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and an early member of the S.P.A.B (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings), a society established by William Morris in 1877 with the aim of countering those Victorian architects whose 'restoration' of medieval buildings was destroying architectural history.

The influences of William Morris, the stewardship of Great Tangley Manor by Wickham Flower and today the Powell-Evans’, means that Great Tangley Manor remains a beautiful Grade I listed 11th Century Moated Manor and a fine base for a William Morris flavoured historic tour.

Your base for a William Morris historic tour

Great Tangley Manor is a delightful place from which to base a historic visit to England and indeed the rest of the UK. Surrounded by beautiful Victorian gardens, situated on the edge of the Surrey Hills and less than an hour from London, Tangley Manor offers seclusion and tranquillity within easy reach of places of great historic importance.

Victoria and Albert Museum

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