Interactive Tour

The Great Tangley Manor visual tour is a tour in two parts—Interactive plan and Interactive tour—both of them great ways to see the beauty and facilities of Great Tangley Manor.

Quick start

  1. Click the ‘Overlay Switch’ at the top of the aerial photo below, it will reveal/hide a colour-coded plan of rooms
  2. Hover over a room to see a preview
  3. Click a room to jump there in the Interactive tour—the Interactive tour is the second large image and is below the aerial photo
  4. In the Interactive tour click or click-and-drag to move about—and if you get lost just repeat step 3.
Ariel view of Great Tangley Manor Ariel view of Great Tangley Manor Entrance Hall House entrance Art Deco Styled drawing room John Evelyn Room / Bedroom 4 Oriental Bedroom 5 Bathroom 3 Study Arts and Crafts Library Downstairs Hall 16th Century Dining Room Bathroom 2 Alice Keppel Bedroom King John Master Suite Entrance to dressing room and en-suite Dressing Room King John en-suite bathroom Queen Mary Bedroom Inner courtyard Glass Box Kitchen Tennis court Swimming pool Croquet lawn

Video Tour