Yoga Meditation Retreat

Unwind in Beautiful Surroundings

GTM provides a tranquil, relaxing, ancient and yet luxurious yoga meditation retreat for anyone interested in finding meditation retreats in the south of the UK.

Peaceful Location

Beautifully situated, close to the South Downs and yet less than an hour away from London, Great Tangley Manor is the perfect place to relax. Even closer to hand, a very short walk and you will be in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is the Surrey Hills.

One of our guests recently described Great Tangley Manor as “…A fabulous venue for you whether it be for a quiet retreat or an amazing Party…” That perfectly sums up how Great Tangley Manor can be different things to different people.

Perhaps Tai Chi

You can rely on Great Tangley Manor to be your meditation retreat regardless of whether you practice yoga or perhaps Tai Chi as “an alternative option to yoga”.

Rather than being a prescribed yoga meditation retreat, Great Tangley Manor offers you peace and space to practice your own meditation without fuss or interruption since there are no other guests and the ancient yet luxurious retreat is yours alone.

This means while you can make Great Tangley Manor your very own yoga meditation retreat you can also instead choose to relax walking or practicing Tai Chi—the choice is yours and however you decide to spend your time our surroundings will provide the peace-filled and energising space.

A Meditation Retreat

Meditation is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways of reducing stress and if that boosts your immune system then you may even end up looking younger! Certainly developing a clear mind by taking time for relaxation is a wonderful way to restoring inner calm.

Whether it’s yoga, Tai Chi, walking in the 3 acres of very mature gardens finding some very rare specimen trees, playing tennis or swimming in our 40 foot indoor heated pool, bird watching, photography or simply reading a book by our lake, Great Tangley Manor can be your fabulously relaxing space.

Your yoga or Tai Chi or other relaxation need not be the only way you relax, you may also choose to find time to enjoy a trip to The Percy Arms in Chilworth or one of our many excellent restaurants.

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