Thorpe Park & Great Tangley Manor

A Peace Filled Base from Which to Make your Visits

If staying at or very near Thorpe Park is not high up on your list of things to do but you want the fun of visiting with the relaxation and downright luxury of a moated mansion for resting up between day visits, then we’ve got the perfect location.

Great Tangley Manor is just 35 minutes by car from Thorpe Park and yet tucked away in 3 acres of very mature gardens in the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is the perfect antidote after a long day.

So why not combine your perfect stay in our idyllic country manor house with a trip to Thorpe Park, where you can relax and unwind in our sumptuous surroundings after the joys and thrills of your day out.

Park Practicalities

Let a locker take the load
Unburden yourself and wander the park without a care or belongings; head straight to Port Atlantis Dome where downstairs you will find lockers. For a pound or two you can store all your non-essential belongings before you head out into the park.

Fast Track passes
Fast Track passes at Thorpe Park allow you to beat the queues on the biggest and best rides, just check you know the times for each ride so you can plan and ensure you have time to get from ride to ride.

Height Must be Right
Height restrictions apply with some rides so check the limits to make sure smaller members of your party are not disappointed.

Have Change so you Don’t Have to Change
Since some rides can get you very wet it’s good to have access to the drying machines adjacent to some of the rides. Just make sure you have some change for the machines as they are actually quite a useful addition keeping you comfortable on your visit.

There’s an App
Like everything, there’s an app for Thorpe Park too. So if you like to use specialised apps then you might want to check out the app for your device.

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