Holiday Accommodation: Why You Should Always #BookDirect

February 7th 2018

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Holiday Accommodation: Why You Should Always #BookDirect

Did you know today is International #BookDirect Day? Want to learn more? Read below to find out how booking directly through your chosen property can save you a mountain of money and stress…


So what is #BookDirect Day?

7th February marks International #BookDirect Day, a social media movement started by private accommodation owners with the aim of educating guests on the benefits of booking directly through their accommodation supplier, rather than through exterior websites.

So what are the benefits of booking directly…?

You save money

There’s no doubting the convenience of booking through one of the major travel and accommodation suppliers; you can search for multiple properties in a matter of seconds and even rank them by price. However… did you know that the price shown on these sites isn’t always made up of the accommodation cost alone? Website fees are often added on and included in the total amount, meaning you’re effectively paying extra for the pleasure of browsing their fancy website.

Special offers

Who doesn’t love a special offer?

Many independent accommodation owners promote exclusive deals that are only available if you book directly through them, so it’s always worth taking a look at their website and visiting their social media channels before confirming your booking. You’ll often find special offers in the less popular months (Jan-Mar & Sep-Nov).

The personal touch

We’ve already touched on the convenience of booking through a faceless website, but what happens if you have a specific request regarding the property or a burning question about the local area? Nobody knows the place better than the owner, and the majority will always be on hand via phone or email to make your stay that little bit more special.

After all… isn’t that what holidays are all about?

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