105 Years On: How King George V Left His Mark On Great Tangley

March 21st 2018

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105 Years On: How King George V Left His Mark On Great Tangley

The year is 1913. Great Tangley Manor has just been taken over by Fritz Ponsonby and his wife Ria, following the untimely death of Ria’s father Colonel Edmund Hegan Kennard.

Soon to visit the manor are none other than King George V and Queen Mary, along with their daughter Princess Mary.

The royals are to grace Great Tangley’s door in March 1913, following the assassination of King George I of the Hellenes – brother of Queen Alexandra of Denmark – just three days prior.

To mark their brief stopover, the pair will sign the windows of the manor’s grand dining room, with a ring. The date is 21st March, 1913.

King George V - March, 1913.Queen Mary - March, 1913.King George V and Queen Mary - March, 1913.

Queen Mary, who was very fond of Fritz Ponsonby, would make several further private visits to the manor.

King George V and Queen Mary’s son, Albert, would grace Great Tangley on two occasions, and sign the windows in the Master Suite dressing room – once in 1933 and again after taking the throne in 1936 as George VI, after his brother’s abdication.

George VI’s character would later be portrayed by Colin Firth in the 2010 Oscar-winning film ‘The King’s Speech’.

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